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Service: Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations

Deep Foundations is a foundation type that is installed to great depths below the ground surface and transfers load into a bearing stratum. Deep foundations are commonly used throughout the construction industry.

Deep foundations are typically connected to the structure through a pile cap, grade beam, footing, or mat foundation. They are typically installed before construction or can be installed to support existing structures. There are several types of deep foundations types and they are project-specific based on structural loads and site geology.

Our systems include

Caissons or Drilled Shafts

Our caisson services involve the meticulous creation and installation of large-diameter elements ranging in diameter from 12” – 156” and up to 200’ in-depth, watertight structures, offering a solid foundation for projects requiring deep excavation, such as building foundations and marine structures. Russo specializes in hard rock excavation in karst formations, temporary or permanent casing installation, and slurry techniques.

Augered Cast-In-Place Piles (CFA & ACIP)

Augercast piles are smaller in diameter, cast-in-place deep foundation elements. They can vary in diameter from 12 to 36 inches and are most efficient in granular or incohesive soil and/or high-water tables. Augercast piles can be installed quickly with minimal disturbance in noise and vibration. They can be designed as end-bearing, friction, or a combination of both depending on the soil properties and proximity to rock.

Augercast piles are installed by rotating a hollow stem, continuous flight auger into the earth to the designed depth. Structural grout is then pumped through the hollow stem as the auger is slowly withdrawn. Once the hole is pumped full of grout, reinforcement can be placed.


Russo Corporation’s micropile expertise shines in the installation of small-diameter, drilled, and grouted piles. They typically have a casing and a center reinforcing threaded bar. These are perfect for projects in restricted access areas or for underpinning existing structures.

Helical Piles

Our helical pile solutions involve the precise installation of piles with helical plates, offering support through both end-bearing and helical plate resistance. Ideal for residential and light commercial construction projects.

H Piles

Deep foundation elements are installed using pneumatic or vibratory methods. They are installed to design resistance or a pre-determined design depth. They can be designed as end-bearing, friction, or a combination of both depending on the soil properties and proximity to the rock.


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